Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Autodesk 3ds Max worth the money !

Most probably the best program for what your money can buy for what you get!
BY THIS I mean .
That there is lots of tutorials available online,easy interface and comparative is well priced depends on what you need .
If you want to go block buster movie effects I recommend Maya or Houdini both have very powerful fluid dynamics but these programs are priced at around $6000 - $10 000 and you need a powerful computer with at least 8 gig RAM to have enough power to render
fast without,your computer crashing .

For those reasons you can get 3d max 2010 plus your plugins like
can give you pretty much the same results.
But make sure you have at least 4gig RAM.
Plus you can get certified world wide trough Autodesk test centers.
This is the most widely used 3d application and delivers great results.

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